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Is This My Last Mobile DJ Event of 2020

My last Gig Vlogs for 2020, but just because I won’t be doing any DJ Gigs will not stop me producing new DJ related videos for my YouTube DJ Channel.

This DJ Gig Log was a corporate event where I provided sound and lighting for the daytime conference and then disco in the evening working alongside a band.

I hope this DJ Gig Log was interesting and showed enough of what this event was all about, if you do have any questions about this Corporate DJ Gig please drop them in the comments below and don’t forget if you want a video about your DJ related question use the hash tag #Questions

Epic All Day Wedding DJ

This is another one of my absolute favorite wedding DJ gig logs, ambe because I really do love DJing all day weddings offering ceromony music, wedding breakfast music, introducing the bride and groom, the speeches and then of course DJing the main evening Disco.

I know its a long gig log but if your looking at offering these typr of packages it could be worth a watch to the end 🙂

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Dual 40th Birthday Party

Well what an amazing Dual 40th Birthday Party, the only issue was the fact I had to turn off the bass but aparty from that everyone had an amazing time.

This is the type of party that I love to do as a Mobile DJ and given the choice I would be happy with being able to DJ this music every weekend.
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Wedding DJ Keep it Low and NO SUBS!

Another great wedding at the fabulous Mytton & Mermaid Hotel Shrewsbury, it really is a lovely wedding venue and as a UK Wedding DJ thats is all that I wish for.

As I mentioned in the video I was a bit annoyed by the fact that the venue had scheduled the first dance before the food and before the venues own restriction on loud music has ended. From a Wedding DJ’s perspective, you want to deliver an amazing party and we all know the First Dance can be a great launch pad for an amazing nights party. Well the best Weddings I have ever been to and worked at have always had the First dance after all the other things and they are the ones that had the most amazing wedding parties with packed dancefloors.

That said the Bride and Groom were none the wiser as I just got on with it and delivered what was needed.

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Ultra Cool Summer Wedding DJ Booking | UK Gig Log | UK Mobile DJ How to DJ a Wedding

Heading then over to the outdoor location I setup my DJ equipment which was 1 x Yamaha DXR12 speaker and 1 x Pioneer XDJ RX2. I had the absolute greatest time DJing outdoors for the wedding ceremony and then the drinks reception. If you get an opportunity to provide outdoor Wedding Ceremony DJ and Outdoor Wedding Drinks Reception DJ services, I would recommend grabbing the opportunity as it is ultra-cool!

Supplying background music for the wedding breakfast and then setting up for the evening party all went well. I additionally supplied JTS Wireless Microphones for the speeches.

Working with a great team at Cardon Park hotel and Spa and the Sax Every Weekend chaps was an absolute delight. One of the benefits of providing Wedding DJ Services at this level is you get to work with other great people who are at the top of what they do also.

If you want to book Ben from Sax Every Weeekend you can look them up on their website on or call him on 07595 330830. Be sure to mention me 😉

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Chicago USA to Eastnor Castle UK for a British Wedding | Wedding DJ Gig Log | UK Wedding DJ

DJ at a Wedding at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire is a fabulous experience and as a Wedding DJ it’s the type of Wedding Venue you want to be a DJ at.

Liam & Erin decided to choose me for their wedding having seen my website and videos on YouTube, flying in from Chicago with family and friends they booked arguably one of the UK’s most fabulous exclusive wedding venues.

This group is the type of group you want every time you are a wedding DJ, they were right up for a massive party from the start.

The staff at Eastnor Castle were great to work with and could not have been more helpful.
A great time was had by all as you can see in the video.

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Summer International Students Discos 2019 | UK DJ Gig Log | Mobile DJ

Every Tuesday night through the summer I was asked to provide the International Summer School Disco. Providing DJ services for international students has its own levels of difficulty due to the fact that they all have their own regional chart music and that is not necessarily in the UK charts I have!

You can see from the film that every week the dance floor was packed out.

A great time was had by all as you can see in the video.

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DJ Facade or Event Table? Combi Booth System is the Answer! DJ Equipment Equinox Combi Booth System

When I saw that a new DJ Booth System had been launched and it had the advantages of the ADJ Event Table / Equinox Truss Booth but the advantages of a DJ Façade I had to order one to see what exactly it was like and if it was something that would work on a day to day basis for a DJ.

This video covers the unboxing of the Equinox Combi Booth System along with initial setup and then a timed setup and timed pack down. I also show what it looks like with DJ lighting installed and how much space if left once my Pioneer DJ Controller is installed on it. I was very surprised at actually how good the new DJ Booth Façade system was. Take a look yourself and let me know what you think!

Would you buy an Equinox Combi Booth System?

This system is also sold in the UK as a Vonyx Foldable Mobile DJ Booth or a Vonyx DB4 Pro Foldable DJ Booth Stand with Case

I purchased this DJ booth from Phase One… at £169.95 and they delivered trouble free for no extra charge as they had the item in stock. I have used Phase One a couple of times without any problems.

New DJ Purchase JTS Wireless Microphones | DJ Unboxing Video | JTS RU-992 DJ Wirless Microphones

I have changed my DJ wireless microphones to the JTS RU-992 with RU-G3

The reason for this is I was having a clash between my Alto Stealth wireless system and my old wireless microphones. this is an unboxing video.

These JTS RU-992 Wireless microphone set was purchased from a company called Sound Innovations Ltd. They beat every price I had found online without me asking them too! If your after some of these give them a call.

I Hope you found this useful – please give me a thumbs up if you did and subscribe for more videos.

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Mobile DJ Setup Time-Lapse of DJ Equipmet NEW DJ MUST WATCH… Mobile DJ Timelapse

Must watch mobile DJ Setup video

As a mobile DJ I get to DJ in a fair few Marquee’s each summer and this does give me the opportunity to make that dance floor look amazing with some awesome lighting.

The ups are massive at these gigs with packed dance floors and electric atmospheres something I have only experienced outside of this DJing in the biggest of club nights. If your lucky enough to get to DJ these events, go to town on the setup, if you are in it for the music and the fun these are your events. The only down side is the setup and pack down time!

This video covers the following topics: Mobile DJ Setup, DJ Setup, Wedding DJ Setup, DJ Setup, DJ Time-lapse Video and how to setup DJ Disco.

Mobile DJ Timelapse vidjeo

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