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DJ Facade or Event Table? Combi Booth System is the Answer! DJ Equipment Equinox Combi Booth System

When I saw that a new DJ Booth System had been launched and it had the advantages of the ADJ Event Table / Equinox Truss Booth but the advantages of a DJ Façade I had to order one to see what exactly it was like and if it was something that would work on a day to day basis for a DJ.

This video covers the unboxing of the Equinox Combi Booth System along with initial setup and then a timed setup and timed pack down. I also show what it looks like with DJ lighting installed and how much space if left once my Pioneer DJ Controller is installed on it. I was very surprised at actually how good the new DJ Booth Façade system was. Take a look yourself and let me know what you think!

Would you buy an Equinox Combi Booth System?

This system is also sold in the UK as a Vonyx Foldable Mobile DJ Booth or a Vonyx DB4 Pro Foldable DJ Booth Stand with Case

I purchased this DJ booth from Phase One… at £169.95 and they delivered trouble free for no extra charge as they had the item in stock. I have used Phase One a couple of times without any problems.


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