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Amazing Wedding Venue Mid Week Wedding

Midweek Wedding DJ at an amazing exclusive wedding barns in south Shropshire. As with all midweek weddings they are never quite as banging on the dance floor compared to the weekend ones and I always put that down to a lot of people having work the next day.

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18 Hour Outdoor Wedding Full Wedding Package

Marquee Weddings are often the biggest wedding DJ events I do as they regally go over 200 people and as such they require larger setups such as speakers and lighting. You have to be aware that in a Marquee sound is lost as the tent has no walls to keep the sound in so you need to be aware of this and upscale. As a Marquee Wedding DJ you quickly learn that these days are longer and harder.

Marquee Setup – Amazing Sound and Amazing Lighting for Your Party

As a mobile DJ I get to DJ in a fair few Marquee’s each summer and this does give me the opportunity to make that dance floor look amazing with some awesome lighting. The ups are massive at these gigs with packed dance floors and electric atmospheres something I have only experienced outside of this DJing in the biggest of club nights. If your lucky enough to get to DJ these events, go to town on the setup, if you are in it for the music and the fun these are your events.

Wedding DJ Gig vLog: How I DJ Weddings WATCH THIS…

If your thinking you want to be a Wedding DJ and succeed at the highest level then you need to be able to offer all day packages that include ceremony music, Wedding Breakfast Music, Master of Ceremonies introductions and of course DJ the evening. These days are often between 14 and 18 hours long, but are the best paying gigs. If you are at the top of your game or believe you have got what it takes subscribe to my channel and you will see inspirational videos that show exactly how to deliver at this level.

Wedding DJ Gig Log: All Day Wedding with DJ Setup and Tour

Friday 14th June 2019 I was asked to DJ an all day wedding event providing Wedding Ceremony Music, Wedding Breakfast Music, Informal Toastmaster Services, Wireless Mic for Speeches and of course the Evening Disco. Starting at 10am in the morning and finishing at 1:30am the following day it was a long day but very enjoyable. #DJ #WeddingDJ #MobileDJ


I decided to sell my Pioneer XDJ RX on eBay starting at £1 with no reserve. This could be a massive msitake or it could be a brilliant idea! buy your own Pioneer XDJ RX2 from Sound Innovations call for best price – UK Only 01743 241997 Super Cool Sunglasses I Hope you found this useful – please give me a thumbs up if you did and subscribe for more videos.

Mobile DJ Gig Log: Black Tie Marquee Birthday Party Event UK DJ

Mobile DJ Gig Log: Black Tie Marquee Birthday Party Event I was asked to provide one of my larger setups for a large Marquee Birthday Party for around 180 guests. A great night was had by everyone aparty from one person! You always get one drunk at parties! #PartyDJ #MarqueeDJ #MobileDJ

Pioneer XDJ RX2 Unboxing Pioneer DJ MUST WATCH…

Pioneer XDJ RX2 Unboxing Pioneer DJ MUST WATCH… This is the first part in my new series about the Pioneer XDJ RX2, I decided the other day to upgrade my origional Pioneer XDJ RX to the newer model. The series covers a full detailed close up of all the features functions and setup of the Pioneer XDJ RX2 #PioneerDJ #PioneerXDJRX2 #DJEquioment

Mobile DJ Gig Log: Best Wedding Guests WEDDING DJ MUST WATCH..

Mobile DJ Gig Log: Best Wedding Guests WEDDING DJ MUST WATCH… Saturday 1st June 2019 I was asked to DJ for the Wedding of Mr & Mres Thompson at The Albrighton Hall Hotel Shrewsbury Shropshire. I provided just the evening entertainment for this wedding, but as you can see this was one massive party!! #Wedding #WeddingDJ #MobileDJ


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