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DJ Facade or Event Table? Combi Booth System is the Answer! DJ Equipment Equinox Combi Booth System

When I saw that a new DJ Booth System had been launched and it had the advantages of the ADJ Event Table / Equinox Truss Booth but the advantages of a DJ Façade I had to order one to see what exactly it was like and if it was something that would work on a day to day basis for a DJ.

This video covers the unboxing of the Equinox Combi Booth System along with initial setup and then a timed setup and timed pack down. I also show what it looks like with DJ lighting installed and how much space if left once my Pioneer DJ Controller is installed on it. I was very surprised at actually how good the new DJ Booth Façade system was. Take a look yourself and let me know what you think!

Would you buy an Equinox Combi Booth System?

This system is also sold in the UK as a Vonyx Foldable Mobile DJ Booth or a Vonyx DB4 Pro Foldable DJ Booth Stand with Case

I purchased this DJ booth from Phase One… at £169.95 and they delivered trouble free for no extra charge as they had the item in stock. I have used Phase One a couple of times without any problems.

New DJ Purchase JTS Wireless Microphones | DJ Unboxing Video | JTS RU-992 DJ Wirless Microphones

I have changed my DJ wireless microphones to the JTS RU-992 with RU-G3

The reason for this is I was having a clash between my Alto Stealth wireless system and my old wireless microphones. this is an unboxing video.

These JTS RU-992 Wireless microphone set was purchased from a company called Sound Innovations Ltd. They beat every price I had found online without me asking them too! If your after some of these give them a call.

I Hope you found this useful – please give me a thumbs up if you did and subscribe for more videos.

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Pioneer XDJ RX2 Unboxing Pioneer DJ MUST WATCH…

Pioneer XDJ RX2 Unboxing Pioneer DJ MUST WATCH… This is the first part in my new series about the Pioneer XDJ RX2, I decided the other day to upgrade my origional Pioneer XDJ RX to the newer model. The series covers a full detailed close up of all the features functions and setup of the Pioneer XDJ RX2 #PioneerDJ #PioneerXDJRX2 #DJEquioment

New DJ Laptop 2019 Did I Make the Right Choice? Is It Expensive Laptop Fail? Huawei Matebook X Pro

This is my new 2019 DJ Laptop, not sure if I have made the right choice yet time will tell. In this new series I will show all the process of setting this laptop up as a DJ laptop including installation of software and music. This epesode is the introduction of the DJ Laptop with unboxing, spec size and my first thoughts. This is the laptop I purchased Huawei Matebook X Pro It is also available with 16gn Ram Let me know your thoughts on what laptop I should of purchased and why?

Pioneer XDJ RX Series on How to Set up and DJ using the XDJ RX Controller

Three videos all about the Pioneer XDJ RX

Pioneer XDJ RX Episode 1 How to Set up and DJ using the Menu and USB Thumb Drive XDJ RX Instructions

Pioneer XDJ RX Episode 2 How to Set up and DJ using the Menu and USB Thumb Drive XDJ RX Instructions

Episode 3: This is a completely free How to DJ with a Pioneer XDJ RX using a thumb drive usb and no laptop, you can see me DJ using this method in my DJ Gig Logs also.


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